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With parents’ consent, assessment can be requested directly by schools or other professionals. It is recommended that the assessment is observed by an adult who will be able to implement the advice given. This has proven a very effective way of working with the Staffordshire Enhanced Provision Autism Outreach Team:

The interventions provided by Sue with her broad and in depth knowledge of sensory integration and Autism have been key to the success of the pupils assessed and the development of the skills of project staff. It has been agreed that this provision will continue as an integral part of the intensive work with pupils.”


In addition to school programmes provided via detailed assessment reports, direct intervention options are also available. This includes meeting provision as outlined in an Education, Health and Care Plan. Some schools opt for weekly therapy input. This can be individual or group therapy sessions with the aim of developing abilities in the areas of self-regulation, attending to task, gross motor skills and fine motor skills such as handwriting.

It was super to be able to observe J’s relaxation during the session on Thursday, and he proceeded to have a good session in Art that afternoon! Thank you for the input, Sue found it really useful.”



In-Service training can be provided on sensory processing disorders (Dyspraxia, ASD), motor programmes (Cool Kids & Cool Characters) and the impact of early attachment on learning and behaviour. Training options range from 90 minute twilight sessions to a full PD day.