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Book Reviews

Creating Loving Attachments by Kim Golding and Dan Hughes

by Kim Golding and Dan Hughes

Kim Golding and Dan Hughes (2012)

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Nurturing Attachments by Kim Golding

by Kim Golding

Kim Golding (2008)

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Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt

by Sue Gerhardt

Sue Gerhardt (2004). Presents the neuro-science of the effect of loving care on a baby’s brain in a captivating format.

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Just Take A Bite by Ernsperger & Stegan-Hanson

by Ernsperger & Stegan-Hanson

Ernsperger & Stegan-Hanson (2004). Tackles the common issue of food aversions and challenges traditional strategies of giving rewards for ‘tasting’. An interesting read for practitioners working in this field and ‘food for thought(!)’ for parents.

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Attachment in the Classroom by Heather Geddes

by Heather Geddes

Heather Geddes (2006). Describes the behavioural manifestations of poor attachment history in schools and strategies for developing security of attachment in practical ways.

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