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It’s great to have targeted, practical advice on these things and we have already started using it in our daily lives.”

Parent of child with developmental delay

The interventions provided by Sue with her broad and in depth knowledge of sensory integration and Autism have been key to the success of the pupils assessed and the development of the skills of project staff. It has been agreed that this provision will continue as an integral part of the intensive work with pupils.”

Staffordshire Autism Outreach Team

It was super to be able to observe J’s relaxation during the session on Thursday, and he proceeded to have a good session in Art that afternoon! Thank you for the input, Sue found it really useful.”


Sue has been a breath of fresh air for our family. She immediately built a good rapport with my son and he thoroughly enjoys his sessions with her. She provided us with lots of good advice and information on how to help our son develop and thrive at school and suggested fun activities we can practice at home, even coming to visit us to show us what we could do in our own home environment. She is warm, energetic and fun and my son has benefitted hugely from his time with her.”

Alex, mum

It has been a pleasure to work alongside Sue over the last couple of years in two different school settings. I have learned an enormous amount from Sue’s expertise in sensory processing difficulties. Most importantly some of my client group have greatly benefitted from the collaborative working together of both an Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist. I look forward to continuing to work together and would not hesitate in recommending Sue as an excellent Occupational Therapist.”

Victoria Everall, Speech and Language Therapist www.victoriaeverall.co.uk

Working with Sue has been a really positive experience. She has bought to our son and whole family a much better understanding of his needs and how to meet them. Family life is flourishing. She has helped us be better parents and nurture our son through his difficulties making his days at school and home more successful. Her initial assessment of our son’s needs and strengths was detailed and comprehensive and led to ideas to support him. Most strategies have been easy to implement, enjoyable and fun and could involve his younger brother. Having worked with so many professionals up to this point we had experienced many highs and lows – what we found in Sue’s skills and knowledge came as a breathe of fresh air to us all. Our son was eager to see Sue and work with her, he was excited about their sessions, they became important places for him to develop his motor skills and explore his emotions. She shared these strategies with our son’s school and SENCO thorough professionals meetings and school based sessions and they have enabled him to learn better and enjoy his school days to the full. We would recommend any parents to seek help from Sue – she always does what she says, when she says she will and never lets you down. Mostly importantly she has made a real difference to our children. .”


I was lucky enough to get to know Sue during our short time working together at MacIntyre
Womaston School before the school closure. Sue had been employed on contract to bring an
occupational therapy service to the school. Sue specialises in assessing and meeting student’s
sensory needs and this vital support made a significant difference to several young people in a short

We supported a young man with severe autism and self-harming behaviours who had found
mornings, in particular, very difficult. Sue worked closely with the team to develop a sensory
regulation morning routine which was flexible to the needs of the young person and allowed him to
have control and lead on interactions. This enabled him to set the speed of engagement dependent
upon his mood on the day. Sue also supported best interests meetings to review and plan the
reduction of mechanical restrictions (helmet and arm splint) with great success and introduced other
sensory regulation activities throughout the day. This was Sue’s approach: She shared her
knowledge, skills, ideas and resources with the team and listened to theirs. She taught them how to
use the techniques she identified with young people at the right times and places for them. When a
previous Principal of the school, who had known this young man a few years before, visited the
school he was amazed by the progress he had made to becoming a calmer and most importantly
happier young man.

Sue also supported the school to purchase a swing frame and sensory regulation swings and trained
a group of staff to use this with young people. This was very beneficial for a number of young people
and added to their available resources for calming, or increasing stimulation when needs.
When asked Sue carried out thorough and insightful assessments of young people, including
potential new students. It was extremely helpful to have her involvement in this process.
Since the closure of the school Sue has remained in contact with MacIntyre providing advice to the
more junior occupational therapist at MacIntyre’s other school and occasional assessment for people
we support in adult services. Sue can always be relied upon to work effectively with a team to
assess and implement strategies – a good report is of little value without the buy in and
understanding of the team who implement strategies day on day.

I would recommend Sue to anyone looking for an occupational therapist with a deep understanding of
autistic spectrum conditions and complex learning disabilities, or behaviours of concern, particularly
where a better understanding of sensory processing issues is desired. I would particularly
recommend her because of her approach to working with a team as part of that team and her ability
to bring people with her and develop others.”

Belinda Manning, MacIntyre Charity